About Us

About Us

We are FoodsDogEat.com. Welcome to our blog.

At FoodsDogEat.com, we are a group of Dog and Pet lovers and dog breeders who are concerned about what should be fed to our Canine friends.

In respect to this, we took it as a passion to educate the public on the foods and eatables you can feed to dogs or allow them to eat.

Human Foods for Dogs

As dog parents, we are so enthusiastic about our dogs eating foods that we can eat. But, can they actually eat everything we do?

This is one of the reasons why we are here to help your curiosity as well as to help you in safeguarding the health of your adorable dog.

Can you Trust our Guides?

Yes. Our guides can be trusted as they are certified by animal nutritionists and vets.

We work with Cindy and Dean, both are certified food nutritionists in reviewing our nutrition based articles. Pete, a veterinarian, also helps in reviewing and editing our articles.

We love feedbacks

We appreciate feedbacks. You can always reach out to us here.